Dog Give Birth To 18 Puppies, Shocks Owner


HOLLY SPRINGS, Miss. (WTVA) — It started with one surprise, and the surprises kept coming.

Now, one Holly Springs family just grew by 18 four-footed fur babies, and now they're trying to keep up with the demand of caring for them.

The vet told the Suggs family their three year old dog, Kimber, couldn't have puppies, but Kimber proved the vet wrong.

Kimber is a three-year-old English Mastiff.

“I love this dog to death,” said its owner, Amy Suggs. “We're together all the time.”

Weighing in at 150 pounds, she's the perfect family pet for Amy and her husband, Richard.

“She's just a fantastic animal,” she added.

For a while, the Suggs wanted to breed Kimber and wanted to love on a litter of puppies, but the vet shot that dream down.

“She wasn't going to have any puppies,” Suggs said. “We weren't concerned with separating her from our male.”

Little did they know, she and their other Mastiff, Magnum, found a love connection.

Then came the first surprise. Despite the vet's prediction, Kimber got pregnant, and the surprises just kept coming.

The vet told them she would have 10 puppies.

“I was really excited because of the experience and everything that goes along with having a litter,” Suggs explained.

Surprises weren't over there. Last Thursday, Kimber didn't feel well, so they took her to the vet, for a not so good surprise.

“He told us it was an emergency and had to taker her back right then to save her and save the puppies,” she said.

The vet had to perform an emergency c-section and delivered devastating news: Kimber and the pups might not make it.

“I was an emotional basket-case,” Suggs laughed. “I was just sitting in the waiting room not really knowing what was going on.”

But another good surprise came when the vet delivered good news – all the dogs were fine and healthy.

But without warning, came the biggest surprise of all.

Remember, Kimber was supposed to only have 10 puppies, but that 10 turned to 18.

“I laughed and thought he was playing and picking at me,” Suggs said. “But he was telling the truth. We had 18 puppies.”

The Suggs are bottle feeding the pups every three hours right now because Kimber is still recovering from the c-section, but Suggs said she's up for the task.

“The first thing I do every morning is get up and walk in and make sure they're still alive,” she said. “It's just gratifying to know that you're taking care of them, giving them what they need and that they're surviving and making it to another day- very gratifying.”

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Dog Give Birth To 18 Puppies, Shocks Owner

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